Planning on going to Wrigley Field this Season? Better get there early…

Wrigley Field is implementing new Security Features for this Season with Metal Detectors at every major entrance gate in addition to the bag check that is already in place.

Some tips offered by Wrigley Field to speed up the process include

  • Allow yourself additional time,since lines will now more than likely be longer.
  • Leave all prohibited items at home.
  • Pack light,the less they have to go through the faster you can get through.
  • Be sure to check your ticket and make sure you’re at the right Entry Gate.
  • Have all of your belongings ready to be placed on the check table.
  • Have your ticket ready to be scanned by personnel.

Wrigley Field says this is similar to Airport screening but you don’t have to remove your jacket,belt,or shoes. Although those will probably be off by the 7th inning anyways.

To get more information like what’s prohibited and what’s permitted check out the handy video here.

Cubs Fans Freak Out After Jake Arrieta Spotted Riding His Bike Near Wrigley

If you believe a photo posted on Reddit, Jake Arrieta was seen riding his bike around Wrigleyville over the weekend by a cub fan with a quick hand and a camera.

The photo was posted on r/Cubs on Sunday, just one day before the Cub’s historically dominant Ace pitcher is set to take the mound in game 3 of the NLDS.

Fellow Cub fans were quick to comment on the photo, with most showing some serious concern about Jake’s safety precautions:

Jake-arietta-bike Jake-arietta-bike Jake-arietta-bike

While it is still unconfirmed if the bearded bike rider is indeed Arrieta, one thing is for certain: Cubs fans are not taking any chances this October.

Check out the photo and more reaction on Reddit

Dave Grohl Knows How to Celebrate His Mom’s Birthday

Saturday was Foo Fighter’s big show over at Wrigley Field, but it was a big night for Mama Grohl too.

Dave Grohl and Foo decided to celebrate his mother’s birthday in a special way: by getting her on the stage and singing “Happy Birthday” with over 41,000 fans in the crowd.

Along with Mama Grohl on stage is Tracy, Dave’s cousin, was celebrating a birthday as well. Grohl says Tracy introduced him to the punk rock.

Jennifer Lawerence and Amy Schumer Dance on Billy Joel’s Piano at Wrigley Field

If you weren’t down at Wrigley Field last night, you missed a show.

Billy Joel is a terrific performer on his own, but he had some special guests last night as back up dancers. In his encore song “Uptown Girl” Billy Joel was joined on stage by actress/comedians Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer. Schumer’s recent movie Trainwreck pays tribute to the song “Uptown Girl” perhaps explaining why these two were invited on stage.

Watch below!