557th Shooting Death in Chicago

A woman was shot to death at a party over the weekend in south Chicago. 37-year-old Pamela Enge is the latest victim of gun violence in the city that has now claimed nine lives in the month of November. Police say Enge was at a party in the West Pullman neighborhood. It’s the 557th shooting death in Chicago this year.

The republican leader of the Illinois house wants to establish a hotline for helping victims of sexual harassment. Minority leader Jim Durkin says his legislation would create a “safe outlet” for victims seeking counseling, protective services, or assistance in filing a sexual assault complaint.

A man accused of causing a crash that killed an Elgin woman has pleaded not guilty. 62-year-old Brian Thunderkick appeared in court Monday. Police say he was driving 135 miles per hour when he rear-ended a car driven by 22-year-old Erika Villagomez last month.

Chicago Blackhawks May Drop Patrick Kane

The Chicago Blackhawks have ascended being just a hockey team. Through coaching, both on and off the ice, the players are well logo’ed, well spoken and well behaved.

Except for Patrick Kane that is. His recent sexual assault allegations are not the only time he’s been in hot water. His escapades on Cinco De Mayo in 2012 earned him more than a slap on the wrist with team officials.

Now in the midst of investigations with the Eerie County DA’s office and lots of unwanted public attention, some are speculating that the Blackhawks may drop Kane because of the negative media swirling around him.

If the Blackhawks were to trade Kane, he would bring them a big profit and bring the salary cap down. The superstar player would be gone, but so would the negative attention Kane brings that threatens to bring down the PR machine that is Blackhawks brand name.


Patrick Kane Met with Investigators for Alleged Sexual Assault Case

Patrick Kane, 26 year old forward for the Chicago Blackhawks, has met with Eerie County District Attorney investigators.

The investigation is centered around an alleged sexual assault at the off season home of Kane, located in Buffalo, NY.

Remembering happier days, watch video below when Kane brought home the Stanley Cup to the Blackhawks rally at Soldier Field!