Home Alone To Return To Theaters Next Month

Is it possible to make it through one holiday season without watching the 1990 classic Home Alone? No…no it is not.

While the holiday classic will inevitably and unavoidably take over cable TV throughout the next few months, Kevin McAllister and company will take to the big screen once again to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film.

Fanthom Events is behind the re-release of the film in hundreds of theaters nationwide on November 8th and 11th. (You can find details here)

Now please excuse us as we curl-up and cry over the movie being 25-years-old.

Read more at USA Today.


Disturbed Drops New Album ‘Immortalized’

It’s been a long hiatus for Disturbed. Today marks their first album drop since 2010. Immortalized hit shelves and Amazon today.

In a recent interview Dan Dongen told 105.7 The Point, “It was, I guess, a tricky decision to make because we still felt like we were still climbing the ladder and at the height of our career. So to be able to shut it down and walk away from it might be a bit of a gutsy movie, but it just felt right. It felt like, you know, maybe it’s time that we don’t become the house band on the summer tour and we don’t become predictable. It just felt like maybe we should just walk away for a minute.”

We’re glad to they’re back!