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Jared Leto And His Pink Mohawk Takeover Q101 Studio

Before Jared Leto was accepting Oscars and dressing like a nightmare inducing clown for his latest flick, Jared was just a normal guy with a bright pink mohawk.

Leto and his band made Tomo took over the Q101 Studio, not unlike Slipknot’s frontman Corey Taylor and his amazingly random iPod, and the result is anything but ordinary.

Check out the video of Leto and his fabulous follicles below:

Justin Bieber Gets Told To “Wear Condoms” On Q101

15-year-old Justin Bieber received some sage advice from Q101 in an interview back in 2010.

While at the Grammy’s in 2010 Bieber sat down with Tim Virgin and Q101 to talk about his upcoming second album.

What Beebs didn’t expect was some serious advice from Tim about how to survive in this crazy world of ours.

This was well before Bieber’s egg throwing and DUI incidents so maybe he needed a few more pointers…

Check out the video below:


Corey Taylor Plays Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake & More On Q101

Remember when Corey Taylor took over Q101? We sure do and we have video in case you don’t.

Taylor is known for turning up the volume with his bands Slipknot and Stone Sour but when he comes to Q101 he’s known for…MJ?

Believe it or not Corey’s iPod is full of one thing and one thing only…Jams.

Check out the video and let us know what you think about Corey’s music selection below:

The Singer of The New Bond Theme Song Is…

Photo: 007.com

Spectre, the latest installment in the James Bond series is set to hit theaters next month but the new theme song for the film will be released on September 25th.

Grammy award winner and fellow Brit Sam Smith announced on his Facebook page that his song titled “Writing’s On The Wall” will be 007’s new anthem.

Smith follows in a long line of artists privileged enough to record a track for the world’s most recognizable secret agent that includes Madonna, Adele and Jack White.

However, there is something special about Smith’s Writing on the Wall.

It’s the first time since 1965 that a Bond Theme song is being sung by a British Male.

Read more at BBC.com

Donald Trump Draws Praise From Billy Corgan

Photo Credit: DJDroga via Wikipedia

Donald Trump sure has his fair share of supporters and opponents due to his latest Presidential campaign but his latest may surprise you.

Proud Chicagoan and frontman for The Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan recently told fans that he thinks what Trump is doing is cool.

“He’s forcing a lot of things out into the open, so they can’t control this, whatever that control is,” Corgan said. “It’s like the music business: Everybody gets controlled, and somebody comes along that f—s it all up.”

Corgan told fans that it’s not a perfect match however. He still disagrees with the Donald politically. But it’s still nice to see the game get switched.

“I think it’s good that he’s f—ing it up, because whether or not he’s the guy, obviously the political class doesn’t want him there,” Corgan said. “It’ll open it up to a bigger dialog.”

Read more at infowars.com

New Music From P.O.D. On Q101

You’d find P.O.D. on Q101.COM’S Hard Rock channel, Harder And Louder channel

P.O.D. are offering fans a listen to their track Criminal Conversations featuring In This Moment’s Maria Brink.

The track comes from the 9th studio album titled “The Awakening” which also features Sick Of It All’s Lou Koller.

Check out the track as well as the entire tracklist for the album and upcoming tour dates below.

The new album is due for release on Aug. 21st.


01. Am I Awake
02. This Goes Out To You
03. Rise Of NWO
04. Criminal Conversations (feat Maria Brink)
05. Somebody’s Trying To Kill Me
06. Get Down
07. Speed Demon
08. Want It All
09. Revolucion (feat Lou Koller)
10. The Awakening


Aug 16: Bogota Rock Al Parque, Colombia
Aug 20: Los Angeles Mayan Theatre, CA
Aug 21: Anaheim Hose Of Blues, CA
Aug 22: San Diego House Of Blues, CA
Sep 08: San Francisco, DNA Lounge, CA
Sep 10: Portland Hawthorne Theatre, OR
Sep 12: Seattle El Corazon, Seattle, WA
Sep 23: Fresno Strummer’s, CA
Oct 24: Elverta AfterShock, CA

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