Now THIS is how you mourn

After a close friend or relative has passed away most people mourn in different ways,some crack jokes that aren’t meant to be cracked, some go into different habits from their normal routines,but in Ireland Brian O’Sullivan decided to go for something far more grand than that.  After losing his friend, he climbs atop the bar and gives a speech praising his pal for never being able to be forgotten, and what happens afterwards is damn near magical.

He leads the bar in singing Mr. Brightside, how can it get better than this? All the misery,sadness ,and feeling of loss gone for just a few minutes as you sing with friends and family celebrating the life of someone who is gone.

The Killers even caught wind of the video saying that if they ever needed a fill-in the would give Brian a call! How awesome is that?


Dive In: Chicago’s Best Dive Bars

Ever felt a shot to the gut when a bartender charges you $7 for a Bud Light in The Loop? Tired of specials that still charge $6 for a Captain & Coke? Look no further for a cheap drinks. We’ve done the research and found the Chicago dive bars that are local favorites.

Best Karaoke: Alice’s Lounge

Deepest Dive: Chipp Inn

Outdoor Patio: Happy Village

Loop Spot: Sky Ride Tap

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