On This Day: September 4th In Music History

September 4th was a busy day in music history!

In 1968  The song “Street Fighting Man” by the Rolling Stones was banned by  Chicago radio stations. Authorities thought it would lead to public disorder.

In 1996 The MTV Music Awards took a little field trip to watch Kiss perform under the Brooklyn Bridge.

In 2002 The first “American Idol” was named. It was Kelly Clarkson.

In 2008  Billboard announced that Aerosmith would have their own version of “Guitar Hero” dedicated to the band’s music. The game came out on June 29, 2008.

On This Day: September 3rd in Music History


Today’s On This Day includes some historical facts that don’t have to do with music.

In 1833 what would become the first successful penny newspaper “The New York Sun,” was established by Benjamin H. Day.

In 1942  Frank Sinatra went solo and began his singing career on his own.

In 1954 “The Lone Ranger” aired on radio for the last time after 2,956 episodes. The show ran for a total of 21 years.

In 2010 – A giant bale of hay crashed down a hill and struck a van in Devon, England. It caused the death of Mike Edwards, who played with Electric Light Orchestra.

In 2013 hunters caught a 727-pound alligator in Mississippi. Yikes!

On This Day: September 2nd in Music History

In 1931 “15 Minutes with Bing Crosby” debuted on CBS Radio.

In 1963 The Angels stole the No. 1 record with the song “My Boyfriend’s Back.” They were the first white all-female group to obtain a No.1 record.

In 1965 – The Rolling Stones appeared on  “Ready Steady Go!” on British TV. Mick Jagger and Andrew Loog Oldham stole the show with a parody of Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe.”

In 1970 An ad  in “Melody Maker” by Genesis looking for musicians drew Phil Collins attention. The requirements listed in the ad? Applicant must be “determined to strive beyond existing stagnant music forms.”

In 1995 The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened in Cleavland, OH.

On This Day: August 31st in Music History

August 31st was a big day for music history!

In 1974  John Lennon testified in federal court, saying the Nixon administration attempted to deport him because of his involvement with an anti-war demonstration.

In 1987 Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video has its’ debut on CBS-TV.

In 1989 The Rolling Stones ended an eight year hiatus from JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, PA and rocked out!

In 1991 Metallica‘s album Metallica shot to #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

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On This Day: August 28

August 28th has been a historical day over the years in the music industry.

In 1964 the Beatles made an appearance on the cover of “LIFE” magazine.

In 1967 a Hell’s Angel member had a memorable wake. The Grateful Dead and Big Brother and the Holding Company preformed for those who had come to offer condolences to the family.

In 1972  David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars rocked Carnegie Hall in New York. It was their debut concert at Carnegie Hall.

In 1988 – The  single “Harvester of Sorrow” by Metallica dropped.

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On This Day: August 27th

August 27th has been a historical day over the years in the music industry.

In 1965 on this day, Elvis Presley hosted The Beatles at his in Bel-Air home in California.

In 1970 Jimi Hendrix recorded “Slow Blues” at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. It was his last studio recording.

In 1990, a tragic helicopter crash took the lives of four members of Eric Clapton’s band, including Stevie Ray Vaughan.

In 2012, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released their single “Thriftshop.”

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