Photos of the Gun Kurt Cobain used to take his Life are released

This April 4th will mark the day that Kurt Cobain took his life 22 years ago.

On Wednesday Seattle Police released 5 photos showing off the Gun that Cobain used,although the photos were taken in June last year. They haven’t said why they released the photos, or why the photos were even taken in the first place.

Back in 2014,more than 30 photos were released showing the scene where Kurt Cobain was found.

There’s been no response from the Seattle police who decided to release these photos.

Read more about the story here.

Krist Novoselic Says The Best Band in the World Is…

He may be a little biased, but former Nirvana bass-man Krist Novoselic has crowned “the best band in the world.”

Novoselic recently supported his former bandmate Dave Grohl at a Foo Fighter’s show in Portland, Or and spammed (in a good way) twitter with videos, photo’s and quips from the peformance.

One tweet did stand out however: A video of what appears to be the band leaving the stage with the caption “The best band in the World!”.

Krist may be a little biased but we’re hard pressed to disagree with him.

Here’s the video:


Listen to Unreleased Nirvana Song “E-Coli”

Full Disclosure: If you’re hungry for more Kurt Cobain, these release may disappoint you.

Last Sunday (Aug. 23) a previously unheard Nirvana recording was released. What sounds like a sketchy jam sesh is 9-minute song “E-Coli.” With unrecognizable vocals and no organization, calling this release a song seems like a stretch.

This release comes after a series of releases from Kurt Cobain’s previous band, Fecal Matter.

Listen to “E-Coli” below and let us know what you think.

Kurt Cobain Solo Album Coming Nov. 6

Kurt Cobain Solo Album Coming Nov. 6

Kurt cobain3
By ThomasMikael (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Someone’s been diggin through Kurt’s unreleased recordings. Now an album is coming, for you to buy, or not. The release of this yet to be named album is the same day of the biopic about Kurt called “Montage of Heck”.

We’ll review it here first…

Beware of big corporations trying to squeeze every nickel out of dead artists.