Was Brock Lesnar Busting Randy Orton’s Head Open Scripted?

Last Night’s WWE Summerslam was a real stir up, and sure we all know that a lot of aspects of Wrestling are scripted, but sometimes there are unscripted things that lead to great moments in the entertainment business.  Sometimes it’s backstage drama or it’s maybe someone botches a move and ends up with a broken leg.

But during last night’s Main Card where Randy Orton went against Brock Lesnar, Lesnar took off his gloves and proceeded to what looked like actually hit Randy Orton, now Randy Orton was in the Marines for a little bit (before he ran away and was dishonorably discharged) so there is a chance he does know how to take a few hits, but the thing that really brings the curiosity around the manner is the bleeding.

In recent years WWE has strayed away from showing a lot of blood at matches,even banning intentional blading after Eddie Guerrero botched one cut on his forehead and ended up needing a blood transfusion after his match. What with all we know about Brock Lesnar being the muscle bound roid rage machine he is, it’s not too hard to think that maybe he wasn’t supposed to actually bust Randy’s head open but rather just hit him after the match was over.

After F5’ing Shane McMahon the crowd in Brooklyn wasn’t as loud as they were, because they were seeing something different and they weren’t sure what it was. Was Randy Orton supposed to look like he just got a concussion? Was Shane McMahon supposed to come out there? If it was all just scripted it was probably some of the best writing the WWE has had in a while because it has caused a lot of speculation among the WWE’s fanbase.

You can read more about the match and the after math over at WWE.com

New York Senators Offer Illinois Cubs Vs. Mets Wager

The NLCS just got political.

A few days ago, New York State Senator Joe Addabbo issued a friendly wager to Illinois lawmakers in regards to the huge NLCS match-up between the Cubs and Mets.

A FRIENDLY WAGERMyself and members of the State Senate Queens delegation Jose Peralta, Mike Gianaris, Toby Stavisky,…

Posted by Senator Joe Addabbo on Friday, October 16, 2015

Now, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and a few others have accepted the challenge from the Big Apple.

According to USA Today, the losers of the bet will send the winners their city’s signature style of pizza and wear the winning team’s apparel on the floor of their legislative chamber.

If the thought of New York Pizza isn’t horrifying enough, seeing Mets gear in Springfield definitely makes this series a must-win.

Read more at USAToday.


Uh Oh…This City Could Pass Chicago For 3rd Largest By 2025

Chicago has long held the title of 3rd largest city in the United States behind New York and Los Angeles. But that could change in the next decade…

Demographers say that Chicago could be passed by Houston, TX in terms of population within the next 8 to 10 years thanks to Houston’s low taxes and job opportunities.

After looking at data provided by the city health departments, forecasters believe Houston will reach a population of 2.54 to 2.7 million in 2025, while Chicago will be at 2.5 million.

Chicago has seen it’s population decline over the years but this would be a historic leap for the city of Houston.

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