MTV to Bring Back old Music Videos,Cartoons,and Shows with MTV Classic

While the music has been missing in MTV for a while,(although they still do have the VMA’s so it’s not entirely gone.) MTV Classic, a new channel that’s replacing VH1 Classic will now take us back to the 90’s and early 2000’s when it was just on the Cusp of transitioning into what it is now.

Starting at the Beginning of August MTV Classic will be celebrating MTV’s 35th anniversary by broadcasting some of the biggest  programming that MTV had ever broadcasted including TRL,MTV Unplugged,and a multitude of Cartoons including Daria,Aeon Flux,Clone High (a great series that everyone should watch),and one of America’s finest pieces of programming Beavis & Butt-Head.

They’ll also be playing their other series like Pimp my Ride,Jackass,Wonder Showzen and Punk’d.

To find out more about MTV Classic you can check out Consequence of Sound.

This Band Attempts to Recreate OK Go’s style of Single Take Music Videos

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then satire must be like writing a Secret Admirer Note and slipping it in someone’s mailbox. While it may not be as extravagant (depending on who you ask, I for one think it will sweep the VMA’s) as OK Go’s choreographed vids. The band known as AJJ supposedly took 6 months to make and produce this video, that you can learn about as the music video includes a making of segment after the actual music video.

If you’re looking to find out more about AJJ you can visit their site at

Fall Out Boy may have created the most Funny thing to come out of the upcoming Ghostbusters Film

While Patrick Stump may not be afraid of what I can only assume are ghosts (or maybe it’s the critics for this song). I’m more than afraid of this reboot of the original Ghostbusters theme. It’s all over the place and has some weird rhythm to it. Not content at just making some schlocky EDM version of the song, no now the new movie has given us a full blown reboot with Fallout Boy and a verse featuring Missy Elliot.

Listen if you dare,you might be in for a scare.

New Green Day Album is in the Works!

The band’s long-time publicist Brian Bumbery confirms to Newsweek  that Green Day are in fact in the process of recording their 12th Studio Album. There’s no word yet when the album will be finished or when it will be released.

Hopefully it will be sometime this year, as it marks the band’s 30 Year Anniversary of first forming,way back in 1986.

Find out more about the upcoming album at Newsweek.

Freddie Mercury’s Talent now has a Scientific Backing

There should have never been any doubt in anybody’s mind that Freddie Mercury has one of the most recognizable voices in all of music, among being one of THE most talented singers in the business back when he was touring and producing records, but with as with any greats in any field you have doubters saying “Oh he’s not that good.” or “I’ve heard better.”

Well thanks to Science you can tell those people that they’re wrong or that they should probably go and listen to something other than Bohemian Rhapsody. According to Scientists Freddie Mercury could modulate his voice to make himself sound both smooth and rough on cue — possible because of his vibrato frequency. A team of researchers studied Mercury’s voice, using sound recordings of his past performances and interviews in their analysis.

You can read more about the study and the scientific findings at TIME.

Japanese Metal Band BABYMETAL performed on The Late Show last night

Let’s start off with some basic knowledge of what most people know comes from Japan, Sony products including but not limited to the Playstation,TV’s,and other media devices,different car manufacturers,Godzilla and the TOHO company,anime,The Bullet Train,Sushi, and probably a lot more things that I’m sure you can think of, but now they’re also producing what may be the most confusing form of Metal that I’ve ever heard. BABYMETAL is an Idol group,and Idol groups are usually people fans are supposed to look up to as good role models and have a good public image.

These things don’t necessarily  come to mind when the word Metal is brought up, the first thing that comes up are over indulging in alcohol,drugs,and over all general not role model behaviors (I’m not judging what you consider role model behavior rather I’m saying what the general public considers role model behavior, you do you.) but enough about who views what as acceptable and what not, the point is it seems contradictory for a Metal band to be role models, I mean most of the time they lead larger than life lifestyles.  I know what you’re thinking, “Enough rambling and show me what the hell you’re talking about!” Well, okay but, it’s best to go into this with an open mind.

See? Crazy right? There’s so much to process here,it’s a song in what I can only assume is about wanting to get chocolate but at the same time we’re getting these crazy riffs and double bass beats. The whole thing is just a big contradiction in of itself really making me question if that’s what makes it work so well. Maybe it’s just the absurdity of it all,but isn’t that what Metals all about? Abstract aspects we’re not used to? It’s incredible is what it is.

BABYMETAL just released their 2nd Album “Metal Resistance” on April 1st and you can find out more about them here.

Finally a Political Party We Can ALL Get Behind

While Kanye is slated to run for President in 2020, Party Professor Andrew WK is looking to fix America NOW!

Andrew WK is setting up his own political party saying that it’s time for America to break away from the traditional two party system, because the more parties the better according to Andrew WK. The Party Party seeks to bring everyone closer together and get back to the people of the United States.

If that doesn’t sell you on the Party Party maybe hearing it from the Man himself can convince you.

Now is this some elaborate April Fool’s Prank? Probably not, as it seems pretty serious and Andrew WK has been known to do some crazy antics in the past, but only time will tell.

For more information about the Party Party check out

Now THIS is how you mourn

After a close friend or relative has passed away most people mourn in different ways,some crack jokes that aren’t meant to be cracked, some go into different habits from their normal routines,but in Ireland Brian O’Sullivan decided to go for something far more grand than that.  After losing his friend, he climbs atop the bar and gives a speech praising his pal for never being able to be forgotten, and what happens afterwards is damn near magical.

He leads the bar in singing Mr. Brightside, how can it get better than this? All the misery,sadness ,and feeling of loss gone for just a few minutes as you sing with friends and family celebrating the life of someone who is gone.

The Killers even caught wind of the video saying that if they ever needed a fill-in the would give Brian a call! How awesome is that?


Photos of the Gun Kurt Cobain used to take his Life are released

This April 4th will mark the day that Kurt Cobain took his life 22 years ago.

On Wednesday Seattle Police released 5 photos showing off the Gun that Cobain used,although the photos were taken in June last year. They haven’t said why they released the photos, or why the photos were even taken in the first place.

Back in 2014,more than 30 photos were released showing the scene where Kurt Cobain was found.

There’s been no response from the Seattle police who decided to release these photos.

Read more about the story here.

In honor of Johnny Cash’s 84th Birthday,here’s some quick Cash Facts about the Man in Black

  • He recorded 96 albums and over 1500 songs through his career.
  • Despite singing songs about going to prison, he never served time. He spent a few nights in jail for misdemeanors, however.
  • Once, on tour in the late 1950’s, Cash and his band members bought 500 baby chickens and a hundred of them loose on each floor of a hotel.
  • He once got in a fight with an ostrich and lost. The ostrich broke his ribs.
  • He was the only person ever successfully sued by the US for starting a forest fire.
  • In that same forest fire he wiped out 49 endangered California Condors
  • Johnny once made a deal with Roy Orbison that they would both grow ponytails. Johnny chickened out, and Roy passed away a few months later. When Johnny walked up to Roy’s casket, he laughed when he saw Roy had grew that ponytail.
  • He owned a camper van he named Jesse James. The van was used to drive out into the desert so he could binge on amphetamines. The windows were all painted black.
  • Johnny and Ozzy Osbourne became good friends at the Betty Ford Clinic in the 80’s.
  • He sat on the steps of Sun Records until Sam Philips finally relented and agreed to listen to his songs.