Expansion to Surgeon Simulator adds in Donald Trump Open Heart Surgery

If you’ve ever wanted to try your (virtual) hand in Surgery now’s a better time than ever,Surgeon Simulator now lets you perform a Heart Transplant Surgery on Donald Trump. Players are given the choice to either give the Presidential Candidate a Heart of Gold or a Heart of Stone, using an array of Surgical Tools along with Trump Inspired items such as Trump Vodka,Trump Steak,and a small model of Trump Tower.

The developers of the Game have set up a live poll showing the types of hearts people are putting inside of Trump. As of right now,Stone Hearts have a 20% lead over Golden Hearts.

You can find out more about the Add-On as well as look at the Live Tracker at http://www.surgeonsim.com/trump/

Rock Band 4 Coming With Pantera, Foo Fighters And More

PlayStation and PlayStation Plus fans can pre-order Rock Band 4 today and get some wicked extras which includes some pretty damn fine songs for anyone to want to jam out to.

Among the songs are a live version of Pantera‘s “Cowboys From Hell,” taken from the band’s Live from Monsters in Moscow Festival. You’ll also get a chance to rock out to tracks from All That Remains (“Divide”), Bring Me the Horizon (“Throne”), Of Mice & Men (“Would You Still Be There”) and Dead Sara (“Mona Lisa”). Blitz Kids, Duran Duran, Janis Joplin, Oh Honey and Seasick Steve are the other acts with tracks among these 10 bonus cuts.
For those keeping track, songs from Disturbed (“Prayer”), Halestorm (“I Miss the Misery”), System of Down (“Spiders”), Avenged Sevenfold (“Hail to the King”), Foo Fighters (“The Feast and the Famine”), Judas Priest (“Halls of Valhalla”), Ozzy Osbourne (“Miracle Man”), Queens of the Stone Age (“My God Is the Sun”), The Black Keys (“Fever”) and many more will be part of the upcoming game.

Rock Band 4 is due for release on Oct. 6th at stores and online.

Pre-order it here to take advantage of all the extras including possibly 30 bonus tracks!