Foo Fighter’s Cover Band is 1,000 Members Strong

Most cover bands scrap together 5-7 musicians and call it a day. But not Fabio Zaffagninni.

An Italian life-long fan of the Foo Fighters, Zaffagninni set out to create an epic cover band, recruiting 1,000 members. He hopes to get Dave Grohl’s attention and get Romagna, Italy added to the tour.

The cause is called the Rockin’ 1,000. Check out their video!

Rockin’1000 – Romagna Calling the Foo Fighters English subtitled from Rockin’1000 on Vimeo.

Dave Grohl: Why Foo Rickrolled Westboro Baptist Church

After the exciting pre-show activity of rickrolling the Westboro Baptist Church at their Kansas City concert last week, Foo Fighter’s front man Dave Grohl wanted to clear a few things up.

During the concert at Sprint Center  Grohl said to the audience, “You can’t just sit there and do nothing, you got to go out there, and say what you wanna say, so we did . . . we figured, you know what, why don’t we just f**king RickRoll their ass? Cause nothing says love like a little Rick Astley in your life, you know what I’m saying?”

Just before beginning “My Hero” Grohl continued,”So I’m going to dedicate this song to all the people who go out and speak their mind, to stand up for what they think is right, because every time we got to stand up in this city in front of them, we do it because we feel like we’re standing up for what we think is right.”

Westboro Baptist Church Gets ‘Rickrolled’ By Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters and Westboro Baptist Church have never played well together.

To be fair, Foo has tried to teach them to “Keep it Clean” in past.

This past weekend in Kansas City, MO, the Foo Fighters kicked off their concert by driving past the Westboro Baptist Church protest outside Sprint Center. Front man Dave Grohl and Foo sat in the back of a pick up truck blaring Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” while holding signs that said “You got Rick Rolled (again).”

Foo Fighters – 1      Westboro Baptist Church – 0

Watch below!

Dave Grohl Admits He Has Social Anxiety

Foo Fighter‘s front man Dave Grohl recently admitted to having social anxiety about attending the upcoming Emmy Award Ceremony.

In a interview with Gold Derby, Grohl justified his nervousness saying, “It’s just going to be such a crazy night, I just can’t imagine. I think I’ll feel like that kid who is the new kid at school, the first day at school. I’ll probably just sit down, with my back up against the wall, just nervous, and waiting to see who is going to want to talk to me. I have a little bit of social anxiety. It might seem hard to imagine, but in rooms like that, I kind of clam up. I mean put me at the f**king Grammys, and I know everybody there, and I’ve got a bottle of whiskey in my hands the whole time, but we’ll see what happens.”

The Foo Fighters have their Sonic Highways album nominated for Outstanding Informational Series, Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Sound Mixing and Outstanding Sound Editing.

Fingers crossed that they win! Check out the interview with Gold Derby  below.