Expansion to Surgeon Simulator adds in Donald Trump Open Heart Surgery

If you’ve ever wanted to try your (virtual) hand in Surgery now’s a better time than ever,Surgeon Simulator now lets you perform a Heart Transplant Surgery on Donald Trump. Players are given the choice to either give the Presidential Candidate a Heart of Gold or a Heart of Stone, using an array of Surgical Tools along with Trump Inspired items such as Trump Vodka,Trump Steak,and a small model of Trump Tower.

The developers of the Game have set up a live poll showing the types of hearts people are putting inside of Trump. As of right now,Stone Hearts have a 20% lead over Golden Hearts.

You can find out more about the Add-On as well as look at the Live Tracker at http://www.surgeonsim.com/trump/

Things Are Getting Weird In The Anonymous Vs. Trump War

Did you ever think you would hear the words “hacker civil war”?

Well you just did.

Apparently ever since the notorious hacker group Anonymous declared “total war” on Donald Trump things have been getting pretty weird in cyber space.

According to Tech Insider, a hacker associated with ANON recently posted a statement to Youtube claiming that “Operation Trump has been re-engaged. We are here to terminate it and to banish it from the internet.”

This statement is contradictory to their “total war” declaration just 10 days earlier…

Maybe there are some mixed messages being thrown around Anonymous headquarters or maybe the Donald has infiltrated even the most obscure parts of society.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see..

Read the whole article are Tech Insider

Slipknot Frontman Corey Taylor Weighs In On Racism, Donald Trump

Corey Taylor is not only the frontman of Slipknot and Stone Sour, he’s actually a pretty powerful and respected voice in the Metal community.

Taylor recently opened up during an interview with The Guardian about what he sees and how his bands hope to change things going forward.

The whole interview is worth a read but here are some of the highlights:

On Slipknot’s Fans – “I don’t ever want our fans to feel like we’re judging them because of color, religion, culture, upbringing, etc. We welcome everyone, we always have and we always will”

On the band’s fight against racism – “Slipknot has dedicated itself to bringing people together, to fighting racism, to fighting hate in general since the day we were started. I don’t have time for people who judge other people by the color of their skin. If that in itself offends some of my fans, then I’m sorry, you’re wrong.”

On the upcoming Presidential Election – “The fact that Donald Trump is still is viable candidate makes me want to eat my f****** shoes. There are too many candidates focused on dividing us, and not enough talking about bringing us together. And that’s one of the reasons why I support Bernie Sanders”

Read the entire interview at The Guardian


Did Rage Against The Machine Predict Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign?

The video for Rage Against The Machine’s “Sleep Now In The Fire” was released 15 years ago and it may have predicted the future.

The controversial video, directed by Michael Moore, featured the band disturbing the peace on Wall Street in New York City.

The video also foreshadowed Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign.

In the video, people are seen holding up “Donald Trump for President 2000” signs  which is a protest of wealthy people controlling the government.

While yesterday was “Back to the Future Day” it looks like the guys from Rage Against The Machine were predicting the future as well.

What do you think about the video?

Check out more at Metal Injection.

R.E.M Bans Donald Trump For Using One Of Their Songs

Photo via Twitter

It may not be the “end of the world as we know it” but it certainly is the end for Donald Trump using R.E.M songs during his Presidential campaign.

Trump recently used R.E.M’s 1987 hit “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” at one of his campaign rallies…but neglected to get permission for it.

The band took to Facebook and posted a response asking the candidates to stop using their music.

“While we do not authorize or condone the use of our music at this political event, and do ask that these candidates cease and desist from doing so, let us remember that there are things of greater importance at stake here. The media and the American voter should focus on the bigger picture, and not allow grandstanding politicians to distract us from the pressing issues of the day and of the current Presidential campaign.”


While the band’s Facebook message was kept PG, frontman Michael Stipe took to Twitter with some thoughts of his own.


Ditka Digs The Donald

Photo via mikeditka.com

“Da Coach” is officially a fan of  “Da Donald”.

Legendary Chicago Bears Coach and Player Mike Ditka was asked by the Chicago Sun-Times if he liked Donald Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign.

Ditka responded with praise and a little bit of advice for Trump.

“I do like Donald Trump. I think maybe sometimes he’s gotta think a little bit more before he says things but I think he’s on the right track. I think that he has the fire in his belly to make America great again and probably do it the right way. I do like him, yes. I do like him.”

Ditka isn’t the first Chicago icon to applaud Trump’s unusual approach to his campaign. Just recently, Billy Corgan shared his thoughts on Trump’s political shake-up.

The Coach can be seen every Sunday on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown.

Donald Trump Draws Praise From Billy Corgan

Photo Credit: DJDroga via Wikipedia

Donald Trump sure has his fair share of supporters and opponents due to his latest Presidential campaign but his latest may surprise you.

Proud Chicagoan and frontman for The Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan recently told fans that he thinks what Trump is doing is cool.

“He’s forcing a lot of things out into the open, so they can’t control this, whatever that control is,” Corgan said. “It’s like the music business: Everybody gets controlled, and somebody comes along that f—s it all up.”

Corgan told fans that it’s not a perfect match however. He still disagrees with the Donald politically. But it’s still nice to see the game get switched.

“I think it’s good that he’s f—ing it up, because whether or not he’s the guy, obviously the political class doesn’t want him there,” Corgan said. “It’ll open it up to a bigger dialog.”

Read more at infowars.com