Prepare Yourself For An “All That” Reunion Coming To Nickelodeon

If you grew up in the 90s, your first taste of sketch comedy probably came from the Nickelodeon show “All That”.

If you’re like us you can still do a perfect Repairman impression, you learned french from Pierre Escargot and you remember Amanda Bynes BEFORE she went crazy.

Well it’s time to relive those memories because it looks like an All That reunion is coming to Nickelodeon soon.

The network released a quick video announcing the reunion which featured some of the former members of the show.

Who knows who else they’ll pull out of retirement for the reunion but we’re watching no matter what.

Watch the announcement video below:

Holy Nostalgia! Check out the new “Fuller House” Trailer

Ever since Netflix announced that they were producing brand new episodes of  “Full House” we’ve been waiting for a sneak peek.

Well the wait is over after an extended trailer was shown for the first time on a recent episode of Ellen.

The trailer shows all of your favorite characters all grown up with kids of their own and new batch of problems to work through.

The show, now called “Fuller House” debuts on Netflix on February 26th. Check out the trailer below.

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This 90s Movie Quiz Has Us Feeling All Sorts Of Old

The people over at Playbuzz sure have us feeling old this morning.

This 99 question movie quiz asks you to identify 90s movies by looking at a single frame.

While some are almost automatic, others can be pretty tricky especially when you get into the sequels.

Try your best to beat the official Chicago’s Alternative score of 89 and let us know what you score in the comments.

Here’s the link:

Nickelodeon Teases ’90s-Only’ Cartoon Channel

Your nostalgia is showing.

Prepare to be hit right in the feels as Nickelodeon has begun teasing a new project called “The Splat”.

While there is some debate over whether or not “The Splat” will be a brand-new, independent channel or just a programming block within a current one, one thing is for sure: LOTS of 90s flashbacks are coming.

Nick recently released a Youtube video featuring some familiar faces from our childhood. See if you can name them all in the video below.