Someone Just Got Arrested For Not Returning A VHS Tape From 2002…

You can’t fight city hall and apparently you can’t fight the dying movie rental industry.

A man in North Carolina was put in handcuffs after police found an outstanding warrant for his arrest during a routine traffic stop.

What was he wanted for you ask?

Not returning a VHS copy of the 2002 movie Freddy Got Fingered.

We knew that movie was bad but not bad enough that you have to go to jail for it…

The man was charged with failure to return rental property which is a misdemeanor in North Carolina. He could end up paying $200 for the charge.

He may have some relief coming his way. The “star” of FGF Tom Green took to twitter today and said he was struggling to believe this was real and would help the man with his expenses.

Read more about this bizarre story HERE

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