Sad Day For Chicago Drinkers, The Wrigleyville McDonald’s Has Been Demolished

Somethings in life just go together: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Getting Drunk In Wrigleyville and Visiting The McDonald’s on Clark st…

Located just steps away from Wrigley Field, the Mcdonald’s restaurant on 3620 N. Clark St. has probably seen it all.

From Cub’s games, to St. Patrick’s Days to TBOX, the Wrigley McDonald’s was always an entertaining, albeit risky, place to be on a night out in Chicago.

Those nights have ended, at least for now, as construction started on the new Wrigleyville Hotel that is taking the place of the infamous McDonald’s location.

DNA Info reports that the McDonald’s will be rebuilt as part of the hotel construction but we have a feeling it just won’t be the same.

Here’s an AWESOME tribute video that someone posted that sums up the legend of the Wrigley McDonald’s incase you’ve never been there yourself.

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