Planning on going to Wrigley Field this Season? Better get there early…

Wrigley Field is implementing new Security Features for this Season with Metal Detectors at every major entrance gate in addition to the bag check that is already in place.

Some tips offered by Wrigley Field to speed up the process include

  • Allow yourself additional time,since lines will now more than likely be longer.
  • Leave all prohibited items at home.
  • Pack light,the less they have to go through the faster you can get through.
  • Be sure to check your ticket and make sure you’re at the right Entry Gate.
  • Have all of your belongings ready to be placed on the check table.
  • Have your ticket ready to be scanned by personnel.

Wrigley Field says this is similar to Airport screening but you don’t have to remove your jacket,belt,or shoes. Although those will probably be off by the 7th inning anyways.

To get more information like what’s prohibited and what’s permitted check out the handy video here.

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