Not since Con-Air has there been a wreck in Vegas this big with Nicolas Cage

After a fan apparently came up to Mr. Cage asking for an Autograph, Vince Neil proceeded to grab said fan by her hair and pull her down to the ground. It’s not apparent why nor has there been a reason for it happening, maybe Vince was angry that she didn’t want his autograph instead? That’s when Nicolas Cage stepped in and stepped between the two apparently roughing up Vince a little bit before hugging it out.

Did I mention they both seem to be a little intoxicated? Because they seem to be very intoxicated check out the video below.

Although he resolved it a some what peacefully I’d like to imagine he would have gotten his message through a lot better if he had gone the Cameron Poe route.

You can find out more about the altercation over at TMZ.

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