Micheal Evans from South Chicago latest victim of Gun Violence

The Chicago shooting death toll hit 562 over the weekend with two new reported deaths. One man gun downed last week has also been identified as 30-year-old Michael Evans from South Chicago. 14 people have now been shot and killed in November.

Governor Bruce Rauner and his wife Diana Rauner are trying to make sure members of the military around the world receive holiday cards from people throughout Illinois. The first lady announced the 2017 holiday card drive for the military. The Rauner’s ask that cards be sent to the USO of Illinois “Cards For Heroes” by Monday.

Lawyers for an Aurora man say they plan to appeal his 15-year prison term for seeking to join an Al Qaida linked group in Syria. Attorneys for 23-year-old Abdella Tounisi filed the notice late last week with the 7th U-S circuit court of appeals.