Jason Heyward Is Officially Made Of Steel After Surviving A Bee Attack

In case you missed it, Cubs OF Jason Heyward might be a super-human.

During the Cubs’ spring training game on Sunday, Heyward reportedly suffered up to TWENTY bee stings when a swarm of bees took over right field at Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ.

Heyward was seen swatting away bees with his glove and eventually running to the outfield fence for cover during the middle of the game against the Mariners and we can’t understand how he was not FREAKING OUT.

Getting stung by a bee ranks somewhere between getting a tooth pulled without novocaine and stepping on a lego on the international “NOPE” scale which means getting stung by 20 BEES and living to talk about it is nothing short of supernatural.

Here’s one video of the incident:

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