Japanese Metal Band BABYMETAL performed on The Late Show last night

Let’s start off with some basic knowledge of what most people know comes from Japan, Sony products including but not limited to the Playstation,TV’s,and other media devices,different car manufacturers,Godzilla and the TOHO company,anime,The Bullet Train,Sushi, and probably a lot more things that I’m sure you can think of, but now they’re also producing what may be the most confusing form of Metal that I’ve ever heard. BABYMETAL is an Idol group,and Idol groups are usually people fans are supposed to look up to as good role models and have a good public image.

These things don’t necessarily  come to mind when the word Metal is brought up, the first thing that comes up are over indulging in alcohol,drugs,and over all general not role model behaviors (I’m not judging what you consider role model behavior rather I’m saying what the general public considers role model behavior, you do you.) but enough about who views what as acceptable and what not, the point is it seems contradictory for a Metal band to be role models, I mean most of the time they lead larger than life lifestyles.  I know what you’re thinking, “Enough rambling and show me what the hell you’re talking about!” Well, okay but, it’s best to go into this with an open mind.

See? Crazy right? There’s so much to process here,it’s a song in what I can only assume is about wanting to get chocolate but at the same time we’re getting these crazy riffs and double bass beats. The whole thing is just a big contradiction in of itself really making me question if that’s what makes it work so well. Maybe it’s just the absurdity of it all,but isn’t that what Metals all about? Abstract aspects we’re not used to? It’s incredible is what it is.

BABYMETAL just released their 2nd Album “Metal Resistance” on April 1st and you can find out more about them here.

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