In honor of Johnny Cash’s 84th Birthday,here’s some quick Cash Facts about the Man in Black

  • He recorded 96 albums and over 1500 songs through his career.
  • Despite singing songs about going to prison, he never served time. He spent a few nights in jail for misdemeanors, however.
  • Once, on tour in the late 1950’s, Cash and his band members bought 500 baby chickens and a hundred of them loose on each floor of a hotel.
  • He once got in a fight with an ostrich and lost. The ostrich broke his ribs.
  • He was the only person ever successfully sued by the US for starting a forest fire.
  • In that same forest fire he wiped out 49 endangered California Condors
  • Johnny once made a deal with Roy Orbison that they would both grow ponytails. Johnny chickened out, and Roy passed away a few months later. When Johnny walked up to Roy’s casket, he laughed when he saw Roy had grew that ponytail.
  • He owned a camper van he named Jesse James. The van was used to drive out into the desert so he could binge on amphetamines. The windows were all painted black.
  • Johnny and Ozzy Osbourne became good friends at the Betty Ford Clinic in the 80’s.
  • He sat on the steps of Sun Records until Sam Philips finally relented and agreed to listen to his songs.

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