Google’s AI Just Beat A World Champion Board Game Player

Let the robot revolution begin…

Go is a complex board game that dates back over 2,500 years to the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China.

The game, which features a board with a 19 x 19 grid and black and white playing pieces, has more mathematical outcomes than atoms in the universe.

Because of it’s complexity, the game has long been a test for artificial intelligence or AI because there’s no way to load all of the possible outcome combinations into a single computer.

In other words, the computer would need to be able to adapt in real time and analyze the outcomes of the game as they change.

No one has been able to do this…until now.

Google’s DeepMind unit developed a program called AlphaGo which was able to defeat a legendary and world renown Go player in the first of five matches.

This marks the first time a computer has beaten a human play of any caliber, not to mention a world champion.

The next 4 matches will be live-streamed on youtube star if your interested in watching history in the making…

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