Daddy’s Home an Honest Review

Daddy’s Home is the latest movie from funnyman Will Ferrell with Co-Star/Action Guy Marky Mark Wahlberg you may be smarter than me and realized that they both were in a movie together called The Other Guys. Which now that I realize this, in that Movie Mark Wahlberg’s character really wanted to be with Ferrell’s wife but in this Movie Will Ferrell is with Wahlberg’s ex-wife. This leads me to my main point of cuckolding in Mainstream media, I can’t help but notice it popping up everywhere, but I digress this isn’t the time or place for that. Let’s get to the synopsis; Will Ferrell plays Brad Whitaker the most average suburban Dad you could ever imagine EXCEPT he can’t have children of his own because of what I can only assume is Hank Hill symptom, he recently married Sara who is played by Linda Cardellini who, already having 2 children wants ANOTHER ONE (do you see where this is going), who is in turn Dusty Mayron’s played by Wahlberg ex-wife, Sara’s two kids who start off like any typical child, hating their new step dad so much that they wish he were dead, not in some cute playful way but rather in a way that would tell psychiatrists that these kids might be related to Jeffery Dahmer.

As with most movies though in the span of 10 minutes and montages the kids begin to warm up to Brad until that’s right guess who decided to call his family and appear out of nowhere, it’s Dusty and it’s nothing but wacky shenanigans of trying to show who the better father is, with such HI-LARIOUS events as lying to your children about the breakfast you made them, very weird bedtime rituals, penis envy through story telling, men in their 40’s skating in a half pipe, and my favorite Dusty denying Brad medical services long enough for a good portion of his brain cells to die in front of a bunch of neighborhood children. All the while I should mention while Brad is trying to conceive with his wife. After one fiasco too many, including Dusty basically being better than Brad at Brad’s radio job, and Dusty setting up a Clinic visit for Brad to get his “equipment” checked out for baby making (SPOILER: In a weird miracle Brad IS able to produce fertile sperm with the Doctor’s help.) Brad goes all out for a Christmas in July stunt that probably put his new family in too much debt and ends up with them going to a Lakers game, where he gets super plastered after Dusty gets courtside seats for knowing some guy. How this is possible in a post 9/11 America is beyond me but honestly what do I know. Let’s speed this up because I’m antsy to get to the ending where /THE/ best cameo in modern cinema happens.

Brad makes an ass out of himself at the game, he’s kicked out of the house, Dusty swoops in for the Double Cuckolding reach around and is back to being Dad, but old habits die hard as Dusty realizes he isn’t the Fatherly type and he ditches his family. Brad gets wind of this as now his/Dusty’s daughter is now being stood up for the Daddy Daughter Dance. Long story short, Brad finds Dusty and convinces him on being there for their Daughter, Dusty says we should both be there for her. They make it to the Dance and everything is solved through dancing their problems away roll credits. OR SO YOU WOULD THINK. Scene change Dusty is now a Step Father with a child he lives across from Brad in a much nicer house and Brad now Father’s his own child as well as his Step children blah blah blah BUT WAIT WHO IS THAT COMING TO SEE DUSTY’S NEW STEP DAUGHTER, IT’S HER DAD! Who is in fact John Cena, how do you match up to that? You don’t, now we roll the credits.

This movie was alright, it’s a film you watch once and then return it to RedBox enjoying the couple of laughs you had. Most of my laughs came from Hannibal Buress who plays a contractor, I didn’t mention him before because I don’t want to give away the funny parts. Overall I’d say this movie is definitely worth a rental and a very solid 3 out of 5 stars, it’s a silly movie filled with second hand embarrassment but it’s entertaining to see the least.

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