Cubs Fans Freak Out After Jake Arrieta Spotted Riding His Bike Near Wrigley

If you believe a photo posted on Reddit, Jake Arrieta was seen riding his bike around Wrigleyville over the weekend by a cub fan with a quick hand and a camera.

The photo was posted on r/Cubs on Sunday, just one day before the Cub’s historically dominant Ace pitcher is set to take the mound in game 3 of the NLDS.

Fellow Cub fans were quick to comment on the photo, with most showing some serious concern about Jake’s safety precautions:

Jake-arietta-bike Jake-arietta-bike Jake-arietta-bike

While it is still unconfirmed if the bearded bike rider is indeed Arrieta, one thing is for certain: Cubs fans are not taking any chances this October.

Check out the photo and more reaction on Reddit

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