Could it be? Is Ecto Cooler going to return for the Ghostbusters reboot?

A posting on Ebay has popped up showing a can of Ecto Cooler for sale.

The Description states:

“You are viewing a New, Unused Ghostbusters Hi-C Ecto Cooler Can sample.

This super rare item has never been offered on eBay before.

An 11.5 oz can, this citrus drink is not available in stores yet and finding a sample of the can will be near impossible!

A must for Ghostbusters collectors.”

The can looks to be authentic as the copyright says 2016 and has calorie information that you wouldn’t see on Older cans.  The can was sold off to someone February 18th, 2016.  Did someone just make money off an elaborate hoax is Ecto Cooler making a comeback just like Surge and Crystal Pepsi?

Check out the listing HERE.

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