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Chicago is the United State’s third largest media market.

While Chicago-land boasts nearly 10 Million people, the city of Chicago is responsible for less than 30% of that population.

That’s right, out of almost 10 Million people, only roughly 2.7 Million live in Chicago.

The other 7 plus Million people are from the suburbs of Chicago, and the collar counties.

While the majority of “Chicagoans’ live outside Chicago proper, there’s little to no focus on the Alternative to “Chicago Media”.

The nightly news on Channel 2, 5, 7, 9 and 32 talks about Chicago’s Mayor who doesn’t affect us, events that rarely impact us, and a total viewpoint through a lens we often do not share.

Chicago radio from stations like WGN, WXRT, WTMX, and WBBM focus on downtown Chicago FIRST, and usually treat the events and issues that matter to the rest of us (70% of Chicago-land) as if they are kicker stories. is a place for the people of “Chicago” and “Chicagoland” to hear, see, and feel the perspective often ignored by Chicago Media, Mainstream Media, and the other loudest sources.

Whether it’s tech news, local suburban news and views, or fringe interests in music, art and entertainment, Chicago’s Alternative is a true alternative to media we are fed Nationally and locally we get from the Chicago Media.

Welcome to Chicago’s Alternative, powered by Q101, WCKG, and you.

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  1. Elgin Ed

    I’ve been saying this for YEARS. This is a great idea, and I look forward to seeing how this develops. I hope it doesn’t end up like the patch or the sun papers.


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