Chicago Blackhawks May Drop Patrick Kane

The Chicago Blackhawks have ascended being just a hockey team. Through coaching, both on and off the ice, the players are well logo’ed, well spoken and well behaved.

Except for Patrick Kane that is. His recent sexual assault allegations are not the only time he’s been in hot water. His escapades on Cinco De Mayo in 2012 earned him more than a slap on the wrist with team officials.

Now in the midst of investigations with the Eerie County DA’s office and lots of unwanted public attention, some are speculating that the Blackhawks may drop Kane because of the negative media swirling around him.

If the Blackhawks were to trade Kane, he would bring them a big profit and bring the salary cap down. The superstar player would be gone, but so would the negative attention Kane brings that threatens to bring down the PR machine that is Blackhawks brand name.


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