Was Brock Lesnar Busting Randy Orton’s Head Open Scripted?

Last Night’s WWE Summerslam was a real stir up, and sure we all know that a lot of aspects of Wrestling are scripted, but sometimes there are unscripted things that lead to great moments in the entertainment business.  Sometimes it’s backstage drama or it’s maybe someone botches a move and ends up with a broken leg.

But during last night’s Main Card where Randy Orton went against Brock Lesnar, Lesnar took off his gloves and proceeded to what looked like actually hit Randy Orton, now Randy Orton was in the Marines for a little bit (before he ran away and was dishonorably discharged) so there is a chance he does know how to take a few hits, but the thing that really brings the curiosity around the manner is the bleeding.

In recent years WWE has strayed away from showing a lot of blood at matches,even banning intentional blading after Eddie Guerrero botched one cut on his forehead and ended up needing a blood transfusion after his match. What with all we know about Brock Lesnar being the muscle bound roid rage machine he is, it’s not too hard to think that maybe he wasn’t supposed to actually bust Randy’s head open but rather just hit him after the match was over.

After F5’ing Shane McMahon the crowd in Brooklyn wasn’t as loud as they were, because they were seeing something different and they weren’t sure what it was. Was Randy Orton supposed to look like he just got a concussion? Was Shane McMahon supposed to come out there? If it was all just scripted it was probably some of the best writing the WWE has had in a while because it has caused a lot of speculation among the WWE’s fanbase.

You can read more about the match and the after math over at WWE.com

Shane McMahon Brought Us Back To The Attitude Era Last Night

We’ve been saying it for years; You just don’t see enough people giving flying elbows through tables these days!

Thankfully, Shane McMahon fixed that problem last night by delivering an AWESOME flying elbow to the Undertaker last night on RAW.

This is all a build up for the Hell-In-A-Cell match at Wrestlemania between Shane and The Undertaker on Sunday and we couldn’t help but feel like it’s the Attitude Era all over again.

Here’s a video from RAW, the spot happens around 2:40:

This Video Of Steve Austin Drinking Fancy Cocktails Should Make Your Day Better

Wrestling fan or not, you’ve probably heard of the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

While happily retired from in-ring action, Austin has continued his career by hosting popular podcasts and TV shows.

However, one thing we never thought we’d say about “The Texas Rattlesnake” is that he is a big fan of Cosmo’s…

Thanks to a new Buzzfeed video, you can watch Austin try a variety of “fancy” cocktails such as the Birthday-tini, Appletini and of course, Sex on the Beach.

Check out the NSFW video below:

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WWE Has A Problem Keeping Fans Out Of The Ring

For the second time in as many weeks, a WWE fan decided to jump the barrier and get into the action at last night’s “Night of Champions” Pay-Per-View.

The fan, dressed in what looks like similar clothing to some of the Superstars in the ring, entered the ring during the entrances for a 6-man tag team match.

The camera quickly cut away from the fan and security gave him his own personal body slam before being escorted out of the arena.

While WWE clearly has no problem getting fans IN their seats, it appears they have a clear problem keeping fans there once the show starts.

Read more and check out the video at Deadspin.

WWE Fan Jumps Security Gate, Joins Seth Rollin’s Entrance

Talk about being close to the action.

Apparently a fan at last night’s WWE Raw in Baltimore decided his ring side seats weren’t enough and he need to be apart of the action.

The internet-appointed “idiot” jumped the guard rail during WWE Champion Seth Rollins’s entrance and got a few steps in before he was cut from the TV feed and nabbed by security.

While ultimately harmless, the gate jumper prompted conversations online about WWE security measures since this is the 3rd time in recent months that a fan has gotten too close for comfort.

Check out the Vine for yourself below and read more at Deadspin.com