Check Out This Phone Case That Turns Your Phone Into A Game Boy

Everyone remembers the first time they held an original Game Boy in their hands.

The chunky, plastic feel, the contrast between the grey and red buttons and of course, the games firing up right in your hands.

The people at Hyperkin are looking to recreate that feeling with a new smartphone case that turns your device into a working Game Boy.

The case was unveiled at E3 this year and will only run you $59.99, which is a lot cheaper than finding an original on EBay.

Unfortunately for Apple owners, the case is only for Android phones at this time.

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Expansion to Surgeon Simulator adds in Donald Trump Open Heart Surgery

If you’ve ever wanted to try your (virtual) hand in Surgery now’s a better time than ever,Surgeon Simulator now lets you perform a Heart Transplant Surgery on Donald Trump. Players are given the choice to either give the Presidential Candidate a Heart of Gold or a Heart of Stone, using an array of Surgical Tools along with Trump Inspired items such as Trump Vodka,Trump Steak,and a small model of Trump Tower.

The developers of the Game have set up a live poll showing the types of hearts people are putting inside of Trump. As of right now,Stone Hearts have a 20% lead over Golden Hearts.

You can find out more about the Add-On as well as look at the Live Tracker at

A 30-Year-Old Secret Was Just Discovered In Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! for the original Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most recognizable games of its time.

Although the game has been around for almost 30 years, it looks like there are STILL secrets to be discovered within the game’s code.

A Reddit user posted that he noticed a visual cue in the crowd that tells players when exactly to strike to knock out one of the game’s opponents in just one punch.

While the “one-punch knockout” is nothing new, the visual cue hadn’t been discovered since the game was released in 1987.

Check out the video below and read more about this story at POLYGON

A Secret From The Original Mortal Kombat Was Just Discovered After 20 Years…

In the age of the internet and video game modding, it’s crazy to think that ANYTHING can be kept a secret anymore.

The internet is full of hundreds of youtubers and bloggers that are dedicated to revealing the deepest, darkest secrets of our favorite video games.

However, it looks like they missed one on the original Mortal Kombat arcade game.

Youtuber¬†YourMKArcadeSource was able to uncover a secret set of menus dubbed the “EJB Menus” after one of the game’s creators Ed Boon.

What exactly can you do on these secret menus? Not much…but it’s still awesome to know that there are still secrets left to be found after all these years.

Check out the video below:

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The Quarter Finals of The 2016 World Championship…for LoL are Coming to Chicago

League of Legends, a popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), has announced they’re holding their biggest yearly tournament in the United States this year. Traveling across North America the tournament is scheduled to start in San Francisco at the Graham Civic Auditorium then travel to Chicago at the Chicago Theater for the Quarter Finals,after that they head to Madison Square Garden in New York for the Semi Finals,before finally ending the tour in Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Tickets have yet to go on sale for the Chicago Theater, but more information is to be released this Summer.

You can read more about the event HERE.

Want To Feel Old? Mario Kart 64 Just Turned…

Who would have thought that when Nintendo release Mario Kart 64 for the N64 19-years ago today that it would STILL be played by kids and adults alike.

Mario and his pals hopped in their respective carts on February 10th, 1997 and they are still being used to settle arguments, declare dominance and of course, get drunk.

If you can believe that it’s been 19 years since you first blew into the cartridge, congratulations. Because we sure can’t.

Draft Kings Now Lets You Win Money Through Video Games

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past year, daily fantasy games like Draft Kings are taking over the world.

With their constant barrage of advertisements on Radio, TV, Billboards, Websites and just about everywhere else, it’s impossible to avoid the message that you can win REAL money playing FANTASY SPORTS.

Up until now, the games have been limited to the 5 major sports with some special occasions such as golf and horse racing. But now they are entering uncharted territory with their latest Fantasy Esports games.

That’s right. You can win money by watching people win money…by playing video games.

We’re not exactly sure how it works but apparently you can set a lineup and win based on the outcomes of League of Legends games.

Check it our for yourself by CLICKING HERE and let us know how we can become millionaires like the guys in the commercials.