We’re one step closer to the Future with this new Robot from Australia

Australia has given us a lot of things in the past AC/DC,the destination in “Finding Nemo”,Steve Irwin,and the terror of over sized insects.

But now they’re adding even more to their list as a robotics company has helped Domino’s Pizza in creating the first ever Autonomus Pizza Deliver Robot.  Thanks to the people over at Marathon Targets,a company that specializes in robotic targets for live-fire training, Domino’s is now rolling out what they have named DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) in select Countries including France,The Netherlands,Germany,and Japan.  Check out how DRU came to be.

Now I’m not saying that there’s much of a problem here, but some troubling scenarios come to mind when the words “robot” and “public” are ever in the same sentence together (mostly due to “Robocop“). Most other countries don’t really tip their delivery people,if DRU does come to America will he need an extra slot where I can insert singles? What happens if DRU is robbed along the way to a delivery,they say that the customer has to input a code to unlock DRU’s delivery chamber,but I’ve seen people do ridiculous things for just a slice of Pizza. Is DRU bulletproof? If DRU is bulletproof what will happen if DRU needs to be taken out because DRU has gone rogue?

While the future of Pizza delivery is something I think we’re all on the edge of our seats about,I hope they work out any of the kinks that may come with DRU.

Find out more about DRU here.

It’s been a whole year since the Internet was divided on one pressing Issue

Nothing seems to spark debate quicker than some asinine thing on the Internet and “The Dress” was probably the best example of that. Going so far as to even get Scientific research done on it to come to the conclusion that The Dress was in fact…wait for it…Blue and Black.

Although,like with any kind of scientific decision, there are people to this day who still think The Dress is White and Gold,but those people are wrong, that’s right John there are Scientists who have proven through Neurosciences and Vision Science that The Dress is actually Black and Blue it’s been a whole year just accept the fact that you’re wrong.