Was Brock Lesnar Busting Randy Orton’s Head Open Scripted?

Last Night’s WWE Summerslam was a real stir up, and sure we all know that a lot of aspects of Wrestling are scripted, but sometimes there are unscripted things that lead to great moments in the entertainment business.  Sometimes it’s backstage drama or it’s maybe someone botches a move and ends up with a broken leg.

But during last night’s Main Card where Randy Orton went against Brock Lesnar, Lesnar took off his gloves and proceeded to what looked like actually hit Randy Orton, now Randy Orton was in the Marines for a little bit (before he ran away and was dishonorably discharged) so there is a chance he does know how to take a few hits, but the thing that really brings the curiosity around the manner is the bleeding.

In recent years WWE has strayed away from showing a lot of blood at matches,even banning intentional blading after Eddie Guerrero botched one cut on his forehead and ended up needing a blood transfusion after his match. What with all we know about Brock Lesnar being the muscle bound roid rage machine he is, it’s not too hard to think that maybe he wasn’t supposed to actually bust Randy’s head open but rather just hit him after the match was over.

After F5’ing Shane McMahon the crowd in Brooklyn wasn’t as loud as they were, because they were seeing something different and they weren’t sure what it was. Was Randy Orton supposed to look like he just got a concussion? Was Shane McMahon supposed to come out there? If it was all just scripted it was probably some of the best writing the WWE has had in a while because it has caused a lot of speculation among the WWE’s fanbase.

You can read more about the match and the after math over at WWE.com

Rick and Morty Re-Enact a very Raunchy Court Transcript

If you’ve ever seen the viral image of an actual transcript that went on in a Georgia Courthouse then you can only imagine how the scene may have played out.

In this animatic Justin Roiland (who voices Rick and Morty) acts out as both the Judge and Defendant doing his Rick and Morty voices.

Just as a warning you may want to glance over the Transcript first because there’s some very,very,VERY NSFW audio so maybe watch this with a pair of headphones.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Is Returning For A 9th Season

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, HBO’s longest running scripted series, is officially back for a 9th season.

Announced in a press release this morning, Larry David will return to the network to star and produce in his over-the-top and often laugh-out-loud funny comedy.

The show has 80 episodes to date but hasn’t released any new ones since season 8 back in 2011.

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‘The Amanda Show’ Starring Amanda Bynes Is Back On TV

Long before her incoherent and now infamous Twitter rants, Amanda Bynes was an up and coming actress on Nickelodeon with her own sketch comedy show.

The show was great and produced some unforgettable bits and now, it’s back.

Re-runs of ‘The Amanda Show’ began airing on Nickelodeon’s specialty programming block called ‘The Splat’ this past weekend and will continue going forward.

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Looks Like HBO Has Given Up On “True Detective”

According to multiple reports, HBO will not be renewing its critically acclaimed cop-drama “True Detective” for a 3rd season.

The show received rave reviews for its first season which starred Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey but failed to live up to the high expectations in its second season.

Reports are circulating that True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto may be working on a new project instead which could be an interesting story to follow.

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You Have To See The 90s VHS Version Of Game of Thrones

It’s just about that time of year again when we get whimsically transported to the land of Westeros.

Of course we’re talking about HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones which starts its 6th season on Sunday night.

In case you need a little extra excitement for the upcoming season, may we suggest this hilarious, and spot on, remix of the show’s opening credits that resembles a 90s VHS tape.

The music, the character introductions and of course, the grainy video quality make it look fresh out of a Blockbuster and we can’t stop watching it.

ICYMI Flea Performed a Bass only Rendition of the National Anthem

Last night the Lakers took on the Jazz as Kobe Bryant played his last game before retiring a momentous occasion for closing the Legendary Basketball player’s Career.

But before any of that happened Flea played the National Anthem on the Bass

By himself,and it went over just about as well as you would think it would.

Some fans posted on Twitter about how it was possibly THE worst rendition of The National Anthem to which I reply “Never forget Rosanne Barr”

Read more about fan reactions over at Pitchfork.

Watch The World’s Greatest Wheel of Fortune Player In Action

The Michael Jordan of Wheel of Fortune has been discovered.

His name is Robert and he can solve puzzles with as little as 1 letter showing. (Actually one letter and an ampersand showing but who’s counting?)

You can’t help but feel bad for the other contestants on the show that day. They never stood a chance.

Robert ended up leaving with $76,000 and a boat load of internet fame.

Check out his amazing run below and read more at AV CLUB