Relive One Of The Greatest Arcade Games Ever With These TMNT Action Figures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Arcade Game is one of the most revered arcade games of all time.

From its ground breaking 4-player multiplayer to its epic boss battles, this game really had it all.

Now you can relive those coin-operated memories by checking out these limited edition collectible action figures from NECA and San Diego Comic-Con.

The figures model the art style used in the game and look AMAZING. The only problem is there only available at San Diego Comic-Con..for now.

Check out the announcement video below!

Blade Themed Rave Hits NYC Comic Con

Sword fighting, vampires and blood rain? Sounds like your typical rave, right?

Apparently the folks at Comic-Con in New York wanted to bring their favorite ancient prophecy to life by throwing a rave inspired by the 1999 classic film Blade.

The rave, put on by BBQ Films, will feature:

  • A classic rave straight out of 1998
  • A screening of the original BLADE film
  • Sword-fighting demos from SWORD CLASS NYC
  • A relaxing space styled after Deacon Frost’s Lair
  • And most importantly, (synthetic) BLOOD RAIN from within Terminal 5. Step into the splash zone and experience the BLADE RAVE from the film!

No word on whether or not Blade himself (Wesley Snipes) will be in attendance but we sure hope he still has his dark coat and glasses.

The rave kicks off October 9th.