You Could Win $150,000 if you look for Beauty in Your Cheetos Bag

Nearly 15,000 uniquely shaped Cheetos have been posted on the Cheetos Museum website but the Snack’s Company says that only the Top 10 best “pieces” will be featured in the Ultimate Official Cheetos Art Collection and be awarded $150,000 in Prize Money.

“Cheetos are like clouds – each has a unique shape that comes to life with your imagination. Since their inception, Cheetos snacks have captivated consumers with their whimsical shapes and uncanny resemblances to landmarks, animals, objects and even deities,” said Jeannie Cho, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay. “We have seen people share, tell stories, and even sell them online— now we have an official Cheetos Museum to celebrate the creativity out there, and we want to fill it with your imagination!”

In this video,one participant says that their Cheeto resembles a Mother holding her baby…

So before you go and slam back a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos take a second glance at what you’re about to eat, because it just might net you some easy money.

You can read more about the contest at PR Newswire.

A Big Change Is Coming To Snapchat And You Probably Will Hate It

Snapchat, the incredibly popular text, photo and video sharing app, continues to blow up in popularity.

However, a change that is coming soon is sure to cause some a stir with some users.

According to multiple reports, Snapchat will begin inserting ads in between your friends’ ‘stories’.

These ads already appear in the Discover and Live stories feature but inserting ads in between clips of your brother-in-law’s dog is just preposterous.

Read more at THE VERGE

Here’s How You Can Get Free Books, Records And More Today In Chicago

If you’re looking to score some free records, books, magazines and more today, check out the former Shake Rattle & Read store at 4812 N Broadway St. in Chicago.

The store closed for good on Saturday but the owner posted pictures on Facebook saying there was still a lot of books and magazines left over that he is giving away FOR FREE!

You’ll have to make it there before 6pm to see what’s left but it could be a fun way to spend a beautiful night!

Check out more info below:

A “Jumanji” Remake Starring The Rock Is On Its Way To Theaters

90s kids will remember the pure TERROR and PERIL they experienced the first time they saw JUMANJI.

Starring the late Robin Williams, the board-game turned jungle adventure quickly became a classic after it was released in 1995.

Much like anything that was popular in the 90s, it will be getting the re-boot treatment in an attempt to retell the classic story to a modern audience.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is seemingly in everything nowadays, will star in the remake according to posts on his social media pages.

Check out The Rock’s Instagram post below and keep your fingers crossed that this remake doesn’t totally suck:

It’s OFFICIAL: Love this script! Big movie news that me and my canine gal Shang are excited to share;) To produce, create and deliver original properties to fans like HBO’s #ballers to this summer’s #CentralIntelligence is one of the best parts of my job. But to take great properties that are beloved worldwide like #BAYWATCH and #RAMPAGE and have the opportunity reimagine their stories in dope new ways to a whole new generation is truly an honor. It’s official. We’ll produce and deliver to a whole new generation a title that I love and is one of my all time favs: There’s games you play for fun… then there’s games that change your life. JUMANJI Working on edging up an already very good script with my @sevenbucksprod team. Up next is meeting with our producer Matt Tolmach and director Jake Kasdan. Shooting starts this fall. Promise to deliver something cool and special.. and not screw the whole damn thing up;). As always I’ll keep you posted. Casting this should be fun! #JUMANJI #JungleLife #JustPressStart #SONYPictures

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This Means War: Portillo’s Condones Ketchup On Hot Dogs

They say those you love can hurt you the worst.

It’s no secret that Chicagoans are pretty particular about their hot dogs. We like our mustard yellow, our relish green and ketchup where it belongs…IN THE BOTTLE.

Chicago Food Giant Portillo’s released a video last week (that has now mysteriously vanished from the internet) that described how they build their signatures dogs.

While ketchup is left off the list of usual condiments, the video explicitly states that “while ketchup doesn’t come standard, we’ll add it if you like.”

Et Tu Portillo’s?

How do you take your hotdog and what do you think about the endorsement?

Read more about this troubling declaration at TIME OUT CHICAGO

Not since Con-Air has there been a wreck in Vegas this big with Nicolas Cage

After a fan apparently came up to Mr. Cage asking for an Autograph, Vince Neil proceeded to grab said fan by her hair and pull her down to the ground. It’s not apparent why nor has there been a reason for it happening, maybe Vince was angry that she didn’t want his autograph instead? That’s when Nicolas Cage stepped in and stepped between the two apparently roughing up Vince a little bit before hugging it out.

Did I mention they both seem to be a little intoxicated? Because they seem to be very intoxicated check out the video below.

Although he resolved it a some what peacefully I’d like to imagine he would have gotten his message through a lot better if he had gone the Cameron Poe route.

You can find out more about the altercation over at TMZ.

In Honor Of Opening Day, Here’s A Totally Real Cubs Casket

Happy Opening Day!

The Cubs are set to take the field in Anaheim tonight and kick off what is sure to be a special 2016 season.

In case you needed a little something extra to get you excited for the season, check out this totally real Cubs casket that you can buy at WALMART.

It looks like the casket will cost you $2,399 but that’s a small price to pay when you’re laid to rest in Cubby blue.

We WOULD include a joke about this being a chance for the cubs to “let you down” one last time but we’re too busy getting ready for the game tonight.

Share this with someone who would totally get buried in it.

Is Daft Punk Really Filling In For LCD Soundsytem At Coachella?

A few articles have been floating around the internet this morning about Daft Punk allegedly filling in for LCD Soundsystem at Coachella and we have our doubts.

Articles like THIS ONE claim that James Murphy, the front man for LCD, is experiencing severe exhaustion and as a result, will be backing out of the band’s scheduled performances leaving electro-duo Daft Punk to fill in.

Neither LCD Soundsytem nor Daft Punk have confirmed this news so we’re not buying it. Also, did everyone forget which day it is?

Read more potential nonsense at DANCING ASTRONAUT

Burger King Has Officially Lost Its Mind With The “Angriest Whopper”

How did we get to this point?

Apparently Burger King is at it again with their latest burger creation called the “Angriest Whopper”.

The burger is an upgrade from their traditional “Angry Whopper” and supposedly sports more heat and…wait for it…a RED bun.

If you recall, Burger King unveiled a “Halloween Whopper” back in October with a black bun that allegedly caused some surprises in the bathroom and we can’t see this ending any differently.

Check out the announcement video for the burger below because apparently these are a thing now:

The Hateful 8 an Honest Review

The Hateful 8, director Quentin Tarantino’s 8th movie, came out today and let me tell you something I loved this movie. I loved this movie so much I wanted to talk about it every chance that I got to everybody that I know, but there was a problem most if not all of the people I know made no effort to see it. It was confusing; it had everything that made a great movie. An A+ cast, a well written story that kept you guessing until the final scene, and some great shots of mountains and Cabin interiors during the winter.


The movie starts off with two Bounty hunters meeting before an incoming Blizzard. Samuel L Jackson plays Major Marquis Warren who just lost 2 good horses to the cold with some Bounty in tow, luckily for him John “The Hangman” Ruth is riding along this path with his latest catch Daisy Domergue (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) on their way to Red Rock, where Daisy is set to hang for her crimes. All of this after the Civil War so there’s some obvious racial tensions between the two men as Samuel Jackson’s character is well renowned for his enjoyment of killing White People.


Luckily though John Ruth trusts him as just as long he doesn’t try to take Daisy’s bounty away from him. Soon enough the Blizzard starts to pick up and they meet the to be Sheriff of a nearby town Chris Mannix an ex-Confederate Solider, and boy howdy you just KNOW there’s some dialogue between Major Warren and this Sheriff that I can’t even come CLOSE to repeating in any public setting. With the Blizzard being far too violent the group has to stop at the Habberdashery a local hostel for wayward travelers, but upon arrival Major Warren has a feeling that something is wrong and soon realizes he may be in a situation that could land him in a coffin.

I won’t go into too much detail about this movie because the dialogue and interactions between the characters is what really makes the movie. Through sly remarks, disgust, spite, and trickery we see the characters start to resent each other more and more through out the night. It’s amazing to see how much character development can be shown in the course of 120 minutes while never changing the location /too/ much. While there are flashbacks interjected through some stories the whole movie basically consists of 3 or 4 locations. I was fortunate enough to see this movie with it’s special screening in 70 millimeters which included an intermission, maybe that’s what made the whole experience great for me, maybe I’m just biased because it was a really fun theater experience and Tarantino swayed me with an old concept of breaks in movies.


Regardless of that this is definitely worth the buy. Along with Mad Max: Fury Road, Hateful 8 is one of my top 5 movies to have watched in 2015. This get a big ol’ 4.5/5 because even though the movie did pique all of my interests the ending felt very rushed as well as some scenes that didn’t necessarily need to be in the movie, like this one slow motion scene during dialogue that I still don’t understand to this day. But I digress, the film is still really good, not great, not superb, not perfect, but like any other Tarantino movie you’ll end up watching it when you have a lot of free time.


As I said before The Hateful 8 is out today and I would highly recommend buying a copy, or at the very least renting it.