Navy Pier’s Outdoor Ice Rink Opens Today

Yes, you read that right. Navy Pier officially opened an ICE skating rink on the hottest weekend of 2016.

The rink opened in the new Polk Bros Park near the main entrance to Navy Pier and will run you $10 to $15 a skater.

If you’re looking to hit the ice in shorts and a t-shirt, you better hurry. The rink is only a temporary attraction and will be open from noon-10pm all summer.

Read more at WGN


“Saved By The Bell” Diner Opens In Wicker Park Today

The much anticipated diner modeled after the 80s sitcom “Saved By The Bell” finally opened up in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood today.

The diner, named “Saved By The Max”, opened at 1941 W North Ave. and will remain open through August.

Menu items include nods to favorite SBTB characters such as “AC Sliders”, “Preppy BTL” and “Macaroni and Screetch”.

Check out more info at SAVED BY THE MAX


It Has Been 10 Years Since Michael Barrett Punched A.J. Pierzynski…

On this date 10 years ago, Michael Barrett and A.J. Pierzynski created one of the greatest Chicago sports moments of all time.

In the 2nd inning of a game between the White Sox and Cubs at U.S. Cellular Field on May 20th, 2006, a close play at home plate caused A.J. Pierzynski to run over Cubs catcher Micheal Barrett…

The rest? A little piece of Chicago Sports History.

Relive one of the greatest Crosstown Cup games of all time with the video below.

The Owners Of Double Door Are Heading To Court With Their Landlord

The famous rock venue/bar Double Door in Wicker Park may be on its last legs, but it’s not going anywhere without a fight.

The management group behind the bar is set to head to trail with the landlord of the 1572 N. Milwaukee Ave property next month to work out an agreement over DD’s future.

A dispute over how the lease renewal process was handled will be the topic of discussion during the trial if an agreement is not reached between the two sides by May 18th.

Artists who have graced the Double Door stage include The Rolling Stones, The Smashing Pumpkins, Wilco, Kings of Leon, Rise Against, Cheap Trick and even Kanye West.

It would be shame to see this Chicago staple go.


Some Hero Sent Blackhawks Cups To St. Louis Area Dunkin Donuts

Can we all pitch in to buy this guy a beer?

The Blackhawks are currently in a HUGE playoff series with their arch (pun intended) rival the St. Louis Blues and some Blues fans were pretty angry when they went for their coffee on Wednesday morning.

It appears that a “shipping error” caused a shipment of Dunkin Donuts coffee cups with the Blackhawks logo on them to end up in St. Louis. The cups were then sold to St. Louis customers and most likely, St. Louis Blues Fans.

Although Dunkin Donuts is claiming the cups were shipped in error, we hope there’s a die-hard Hawks fan behind this amazing prank.

Read more about the incident at CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Ringo Starr CANCELS Show in North Carolina over the State’s “Bathroom Bill”

Ringo Starr mostly know for his small stint as the Drummer for a band some may remember called “The Beatles” has taken a stand alongside other musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, for North Carolina’s HB2 or what most know as the “Bathroom Bill”.

The Beatles drummer called off the All Starr Band’s June 18th concert at Cary, North Carolina’s Koka Booth Amphitheatre over the bill, which discriminates against transgender people and the LGBT community. “I’m sorry to disappoint my fans in the area, but we need to take a stand against this hatred. Spread peace and love,” Starr said in a statement. “How sad that they feel that this group of people cannot be defended.”

Starr also called upon his fans to fight the “bigotry” and “support organizations that are fighting to overturn this law in whatever way we can.” “As Canned Heat sang, ‘Let’s work together,'” Starr said in conclusion. “And the Beatles said, ‘All you need is love.'”

Find out more about Ringo’s protest over at Rolling Stone.

Planning A Wedding In Chicago? It Will Cost You…

A new survey has some troubling news for anyone planning a wedding in the Second City.

Chicago is now the second most expensive city to get married in, coming behind only Manhattan on a list complied by wedding website The Knot.

An average Windy City wedding in 2016 will run you $61,265 which has nearly doubled the 2015 average of $32,641 and doesn’t even include the honeymoon.


If you’re looking for some sort of relief, at least its not Manhattan, where an average wedding costs $82,299!


The Cubs New Locker Room Looks More Like A Nightclub Than A Clubhouse

It WAS well known throughout baseball that the Cubs had some of the worst facilities in sports.

The old clubhouse was often called small, cramped and outdated by players, media and even Cubs executives alike.

That is no longer the case after the team unveiled their brand new clubhouse to the team on Monday night.

Complete with mood lighting and an area resembling a bar in the middle of the room, it’s easy to forget that you’re INSIDE Wrigley Field and not outside at a bar on Clark Street.

Check out the video below and read more at CHICAGO TRIBUNE

This Time Lapse Of The Wrigley Field Marquee Is All You Need To Get Ready For Opening Day…

Although the Cubs have already played 6 games, it isn’t OFFICIALLY baseball season until the gates are opened at Wrigley Field.

That will happen tonight as the Cubs take on the Cincinnati Reds but before you head out to Clark and Addison, check out this awesome video of the historic Wrigley Field Marquee being assembled at the park.

The marquee was taken down during the off season to protect it from the construction projects going on but it has returned to it’s famous location for yet another season.

Time-Lapse Courtesy of EarthCam