557th Shooting Death in Chicago

A woman was shot to death at a party over the weekend in south Chicago. 37-year-old Pamela Enge is the latest victim of gun violence in the city that has now claimed nine lives in the month of November. Police say Enge was at a party in the West Pullman neighborhood. It’s the 557th shooting death in Chicago this year.

The republican leader of the Illinois house wants to establish a hotline for helping victims of sexual harassment. Minority leader Jim Durkin says his legislation would create a “safe outlet” for victims seeking counseling, protective services, or assistance in filing a sexual assault complaint.

A man accused of causing a crash that killed an Elgin woman has pleaded not guilty. 62-year-old Brian Thunderkick appeared in court Monday. Police say he was driving 135 miles per hour when he rear-ended a car driven by 22-year-old Erika Villagomez last month.