MTV to Bring Back old Music Videos,Cartoons,and Shows with MTV Classic

While the music has been missing in MTV for a while,(although they still do have the VMA’s so it’s not entirely gone.) MTV Classic, a new channel that’s replacing VH1 Classic will now take us back to the 90’s and early 2000’s when it was just on the Cusp of transitioning into what it is now.

Starting at the Beginning of August MTV Classic will be celebrating MTV’s 35th anniversary by broadcasting some of the biggest  programming that MTV had ever broadcasted including TRL,MTV Unplugged,and a multitude of Cartoons including Daria,Aeon Flux,Clone High (a great series that everyone should watch),and one of America’s finest pieces of programming Beavis & Butt-Head.

They’ll also be playing their other series like Pimp my Ride,Jackass,Wonder Showzen and Punk’d.

To find out more about MTV Classic you can check out Consequence of Sound.

BREAKING NEWS: Miss Cleo has Passed Away at the age of 53

The famed psychic that you would see during almost ANY commercial break in the late 90’s has passed away today due to Cancer.

A rep for Miss Cleo told TMZ that Miss Cleo died Tuesday morning in Palm Beach County, FL.  The rep said Cleo remained a “pillar of strength” during her illness … and died surrounded by family and friends.

RIP Now Miss Cleo.

You can get more information about Miss Cleo’s passing at TMZ.

Million Juggalo March to take Place in Washington D.C. Next Year

Within the past 5 years the FBI has classified Juggalos as a loosely organized hybrid gang. I think who ever classified them as such has watched “The Warriors” one too many times because there may be some confusion as to what gangs are. Upon hearing of this Lyrical Scholars, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, launched a Federal Lawsuit against the US Department of Justice.

That brings us to the present, every year Juggalos flock to what is known as “The Gathering of the Juggalos” in which fans of Insane Clown Posse flock to a certain venue and spend their time drinking Faygo,watching wrestling,enjoying music, and generally having a good time, this was the perfect venue for Violent J to announce his plans for next year stating that “In 2017, the weekend of September 17th, we need you,We’re gonna do a f******g march on Washington. They call the Juggalo World a movement, right? Well, let’s move!”

Who knows what the future of Washington DC will hold,the only thing that is certain is that Juggalos are coming and the streets will be sticky with the over flowing elixirs of Faygo.

You can read more about the march at Consequence of Sound.


Rick and Morty Re-Enact a very Raunchy Court Transcript

If you’ve ever seen the viral image of an actual transcript that went on in a Georgia Courthouse then you can only imagine how the scene may have played out.

In this animatic Justin Roiland (who voices Rick and Morty) acts out as both the Judge and Defendant doing his Rick and Morty voices.

Just as a warning you may want to glance over the Transcript first because there’s some very,very,VERY NSFW audio so maybe watch this with a pair of headphones.

This Band Attempts to Recreate OK Go’s style of Single Take Music Videos

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then satire must be like writing a Secret Admirer Note and slipping it in someone’s mailbox. While it may not be as extravagant (depending on who you ask, I for one think it will sweep the VMA’s) as OK Go’s choreographed vids. The band known as AJJ supposedly took 6 months to make and produce this video, that you can learn about as the music video includes a making of segment after the actual music video.

If you’re looking to find out more about AJJ you can visit their site at