Dan Aykroyd Says The New Ghostbuster Has More Laughs Than The Original

The much maligned Ghostbusters reboot could be gaining some momentum after a review from a credible source.

Dan Aykroyd, creator and star of the original Ghostbusters movies, recently screened the reboot of the 1984 comedy and shared his opinion on Facebook.


Sounds like an A+ from someone who knows a thing or two about this kind of stuff. Is it enough to make you go see it?

Shia LaBeouf is Hitchhiking across the Country in a new Performance Piece

#TakeMeAnywhere launched on Monday and shows the travels of actor Shia LaBeouf and company. According to TIME magazine Shia is using this experience to meet fans,friends,and find meaning in life.

I’m guessing he wanted to stretch his legs a little after his last performance piece of him sitting in a theater watching all of the movies he was in.

On his first destination in Colorado, five fans joined LaBeouf for a free lunch at Oskar Blues, a microbrewery in Lyons, Colo. “He was talking about his upbringing and how he was raised by a single mother,” fan Brandon Glanton told Time.

You can follow all of Shia’s travels on http://takemeanywhere.vice.com/

and you can read how and were he started at Variety.

The Map Of The Most Googled Questions By State Is Here And It Is Frightening…

If you want a quick glimpse into the mind of an average American, a good place to start is their google search history.

That’s exactly what the folks at Estately did when they complied their map of the most googled questions by state for 2015.

The map is both hilarious and terrifying (we’re looking at you Missouri) and is certainly an interesting way to categorize each state.

Let us know what YOU think about the map and we might share a few responses.

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Looks Like HBO Has Given Up On “True Detective”

According to multiple reports, HBO will not be renewing its critically acclaimed cop-drama “True Detective” for a 3rd season.

The show received rave reviews for its first season which starred Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey but failed to live up to the high expectations in its second season.

Reports are circulating that True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto may be working on a new project instead which could be an interesting story to follow.

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35 Years Ago Today: Dan Goodwin Climbs The Sears Tower

On May 25th, 1981, the entire city of Chicago stopped and watched the impossible happen.

Dan Goodwin, a rogue climber dressed a Spiderman, began scaling the Sears Tower without any safety equipment and without any discernible motive on Memorial Day ’81.

It wasn’t until after he reached the top that he revealed he was trying to bring attention to the fact that firefighters and emergency responders couldn’t reach people on the highest floors of a skyscraper during an emergency.

Check out the video below:

Relive One Of The Greatest Arcade Games Ever With These TMNT Action Figures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Arcade Game is one of the most revered arcade games of all time.

From its ground breaking 4-player multiplayer to its epic boss battles, this game really had it all.

Now you can relive those coin-operated memories by checking out these limited edition collectible action figures from NECA and San Diego Comic-Con.

The figures model the art style used in the game and look AMAZING. The only problem is there only available at San Diego Comic-Con..for now.

Check out the announcement video below!

Here’s How You Can Get Free Books, Records And More Today In Chicago

If you’re looking to score some free records, books, magazines and more today, check out the former Shake Rattle & Read store at 4812 N Broadway St. in Chicago.

The store closed for good on Saturday but the owner posted pictures on Facebook saying there was still a lot of books and magazines left over that he is giving away FOR FREE!

You’ll have to make it there before 6pm to see what’s left but it could be a fun way to spend a beautiful night!

Check out more info below:

Hold The Phone: The Motorola Razr Could Be Making A Comeback

If you’ve ever wanted to teleport back to high school in the early 2000s where all you needed was  trusty Motorola Razr to communicate with family and friends, you may be in luck.

If you believe the hype surrounding a teaser video that was posted by Lenovo (the now owners of motorola), the Razr could be making a big comeback.

Obviously the phone would need to be rebuffed to meet modern standards but the sleek, flippable design will hopefully stick around in the new model.

Check out the teaser video below and read more at CNET

It Has Been 10 Years Since Michael Barrett Punched A.J. Pierzynski…

On this date 10 years ago, Michael Barrett and A.J. Pierzynski created one of the greatest Chicago sports moments of all time.

In the 2nd inning of a game between the White Sox and Cubs at U.S. Cellular Field on May 20th, 2006, a close play at home plate caused A.J. Pierzynski to run over Cubs catcher Micheal Barrett…

The rest? A little piece of Chicago Sports History.

Relive one of the greatest Crosstown Cup games of all time with the video below.

An Adult Website Wants To Give You $25,000 For Cracking Its Code

If you’ve ever wanted to make money by furiously inspecting the code of an adult website, here is your chance.

Adult website giant Pornhub is offering up to $25,000 to anyone who can detect security bugs inside the code of their website.

The new “Bug Bounty” program is available to any and all “hackers” provided that the fit and submit the following criteria:

  • Be the first to report a security bug directly related to the company infrastructure.
  • Send a description of your bug report, explaining the type of vulnerability and how it works.
  • Include screenshots and proof of concept code to substantiate your claim.
  • Disclose your finding directly and exclusively with Pornhub.

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