Stop Everything. Bill Nye Is Coming to Chicago

Yes, the rumors are true:  Bill Nye is coming to Chicago.

Best known for his educational television show shown to grade schoolers across the globe, Nye is embarking on a promotional tour to publicize his new book, “Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World.”

He will be making his Chicago stop at the University of Illinois at Chicago on November 11th.

Much like the focus of his TV series, Nye’s book is all about how science can take any obstacle, and turn it into an opportunity.

The generation raised on his show will finally have the chance to refresh its scientific knowledge.

Check out more about his book and upcoming tour here and listen to his classic theme song below.

Calvin Johnson Blasts Soldier Field

Photo via Twitter

Shots have been fired from Detroit Lions star receiver Calvin Johnson.

In a recent interview, Johnson was asked about the playing surface at London’s Wembley Stadium. (The Lions play the Chiefs in London on Sunday, November 1st)

Johnson answered the question but also snuck in a dig at Soldier Field in the process…

It’s no secret that Soldier Field has had it’s fair share of turf issues over the years but the blast coming from Johnson could be due to a few bad memories in Chicago.

Here’s a video of Johnson’s infamous no-touchdown that happened at Soldier Field.

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Kris Bryant Wins His First Postseason Award

It doesn’t take a baseball genius to realize that Cub’s 3rd Baseman Kris Bryant had quite the season.

The 23-year-old Bryant posted some eye-popping offensive numbers during his rookie season and added some spectacular defensive plays to his ever-growing highlight reel as well.

Now Bryant has some official recognition to go along with his already historic rookie year.

Bryant was named the National League Rookie of the Year by Sporting News, an award that has been given out since 1946 and is voted on by a panel of 167 active players.

KB received the most 1st place votes by a landslide and joins Cub greats Billy Williams, Mark Grace, Kerry Wood as Cub rookies to be honored with the prestigious award.

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Corey Taylor Gets Into It With WWE Wrestler At Live Event

One of our favorite people of all time, Corey Taylor, can add “slapping a WWE Wrestler in the face” to his long list of accomplishments.

This past week at Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA, Taylor engaged in a heated moment with WWE/NXT Wrestler Baron Corbin during one of his matches.

Taylor and Corbin shared some personal jabs on social media before the match but the face-to-face altercation surely favored Taylor.

To top it all of, Corbin ended up losing his match vs. Samoa Joe. Talk about a bad day.

Check out the video:

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Here Are The Top Halloween Costumes In Chicago…

Google has recently introduced a fun, new search engine called “Frightgeist” which allows users to search for the most popular Halloween costumes in their area.

You can break down your search by city or look at the popular costumes at a national level and see the results based on what people are searching for in that area.

We ran a search on the Chicago area and here’s what it told us…

1. Batman

2. Harley Quinn

3. Superhero

4. Star Wars

5. Minions

It looks like there will be quite a lot of superhero’s running around on Halloween night, followed by some Jedi and Minions. This could be a representation of parent’s searching costumes for their kids too, so take the list with a grain of salt.

The results update in real time so it might be wise to monitor the list as we get closer to October 31st. You can do so by clicking here.

Did Rage Against The Machine Predict Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign?

The video for Rage Against The Machine’s “Sleep Now In The Fire” was released 15 years ago and it may have predicted the future.

The controversial video, directed by Michael Moore, featured the band disturbing the peace on Wall Street in New York City.

The video also foreshadowed Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign.

In the video, people are seen holding up “Donald Trump for President 2000” signs  which is a protest of wealthy people controlling the government.

While yesterday was “Back to the Future Day” it looks like the guys from Rage Against The Machine were predicting the future as well.

What do you think about the video?

Check out more at Metal Injection.

Nike Unveils Self-Lacing Shoes, Still No Hoverboards

Incase you weren’t aware, Today (October 21st, 2015) is the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future in Back to The Future II.

It’s been memed, vined, snapped, tweeted and shared but now the folks at Nike have actually given us a futuristic product to sink our teeth into.

Nike finally unveiled their 2015 Nike MAG’s, shoes that bare a resemblance to Marty McFly’s and the best part, they actually do lace themselves!

The future is now people.

Unfortunately the shoes are still trapped in the future, they won’t be available until 2016. And even then, they’ll only be available via auction.

We’re excited regardless because this means hover boards are right around the corner….right?

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Travis Barker Offered His Friends $1 Million To End His Life

Blink 182 Drummer Travis Barker is lucky to be alive after surviving a deadly plane crash in 2008.

Four people were killed when a tire exploded at a South Carolina airport causing the plane to crash into an embankment. Barker escaped the crash with severe burns covering his body and would later spend four months recovering from the wreck.

Barker recently opened up to Good Morning America about the tragic day in 2008 and revealed that he had to remove the phone from his room so that he would stop offering people $1 Million to end his suffering.

Barker also says he hasn’t flown since then but he is ready to fly again when his kids are.

Check out the interview on Good Morning America.

New York Senators Offer Illinois Cubs Vs. Mets Wager

The NLCS just got political.

A few days ago, New York State Senator Joe Addabbo issued a friendly wager to Illinois lawmakers in regards to the huge NLCS match-up between the Cubs and Mets.

A FRIENDLY WAGERMyself and members of the State Senate Queens delegation Jose Peralta, Mike Gianaris, Toby Stavisky,…

Posted by Senator Joe Addabbo on Friday, October 16, 2015

Now, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and a few others have accepted the challenge from the Big Apple.

According to USA Today, the losers of the bet will send the winners their city’s signature style of pizza and wear the winning team’s apparel on the floor of their legislative chamber.

If the thought of New York Pizza isn’t horrifying enough, seeing Mets gear in Springfield definitely makes this series a must-win.

Read more at USAToday.


Oliva Wilde Says She Was “Hammered” While Filming A Movie In Chicago

Actress Oliva Wilde recently opened up about filming her 2013 film “Drinking Buddies” in Chicago and revealed that she, and the other actors, were HAMMERED during the entire movie.

The movie is based in Chicago and is a tangled love story about friends and co-workers at a real-life brewery on the City’s west side.

What moviegoers didn’t realize was that the cast was drinking REAL BEER during filming. That means with every passing scene, the cast was getting REAL drunk.

Anna Kendrick, Ron Livingston, Jake Johnson and Wilde’s real-life husband Jason Sudeikis appear in the movie, which means they too were probably buzzing after a few takes on film days.

Check out the preview for Wilde’s interview on Off Camera with Sam Jones: