Everything Alternative

Q101 became Chicago’s New Rock Alternative July 14, 1992, completing the station’s transition to alternative (modern) rock.

From our first days on the air in 1992, (the first song ever played was The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love”), Q101 has grown with Chicago and continues to deliver the best new and established Alternative music for all of Chicagoland and planet Earth.

Q101 has had a revolving door of radio programmers.  Some brilliant minds have contributed to this great Alternative Rock outlet, while others have just contributed confusion and misdirection.  This is arguably one of the major reasons for Q101’s demise as a “radio station”.

No matter though.  The most beautiful flowers and strongest trees bloom from the fertile soil found under the ashes and destruction of an erupted volcano.

The Q101 brand is akin to the Bat Signal.  When it is shown in Chicago, everyone recognizes it.  Q101 is a warm blanket, a plate of comfort food, or a phone call with a close friend.

In an era of over connections, too many social networks, lots of hype, and lots more sizzle than steak…Q101 has managed to mean something to millions of Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials who don’t believe in much, and even more who want to believe in something.

Cookie cutter radio stations all but killed the sort of movement that is Q101.  Throughout the various trends and fads, Q101 survived and stayed relevant to it’s core audience over two decades.  Kiss, Star, Edge, Jack, Buzz, Rock…and now Pandora are all time fillers with nothing that sticks and no longer term connection.

They’re great for entertainment in the moment mind you, but no one waits on hold for hours in hopes of winning a Pandora T-Shirt.  Pandora like many cookie cutter radio stations is a faceless jukebox void of personal connection.  Advertisers who want to sell more products need more than exposures to build businesses and brands.  Advertisers want audiences who are connected.  Spotify, Pandora, and all the other services are fashion.

Q101 is the steward of a generation.